Note: these instructions were tested with simplejson 1.9.2. They may not be needed in more recent versions, but you should give them a try if you have problems.

You may need to modify a copy of simplejson (a Python module needed by rbtools).

  1. Download the latest release of simplejson
  2. Extract the file to a local directory (using 7ZipWinRAR, or another program).
  3. Edit the file simplejson-x.y.z/simplejson.egg-info/SOURCES.txt (where x.y.z is the version number of simplejson) and remove the line containing native_libs.txt
  4. Run: easy_install simplejson-x.y.z

If you don't have easy_install, run the Python Setuptools Installer. Then repeat step 4 above.

Thanks to Daniel Wexler for this information.