I Done This is a status reporting service that’s used by teams to help keep track of team members’ progress and goals for the day.

RBCommons integrates with I Done This, offering flexible rules for reporting status when creating or updating review requests or participating in reviews.

You can have multiple I Done This configurations (up to your plan limit), allowing you to report to separate teams for different groups or repositories.

Configuring I Done This

To configure an integration with I Done This, you need to create a configuration for the integration and then have each user configure their own I Done This API token. The integration won’t post status updates on behalf of users who haven’t configured their tokens.

  1. In your Team Administration page, navigate to Integrations and click Add Integration -> I Done This.

  2. Provide a descriptive name for this configuration in the Name field.
  3. Configure the Conditions under which status updates should be reported to I Done This.

    Conditions allow you to limit reporting to certain groups or repositories, or other criteria that you choose. To always report status updates, select Always match.
  4. Enter your I Done This Team ID.

    You can find this in the URL when logged in to your team. For instance, if your URL is https://beta.idonethis.com/t/123456abcdef, your Team ID would be 123456abcdef.

At this point, I Done This should be configured. Now it’s up to users to configure their API tokens.

Adding User API Tokens

In order to report status updates to I Done This, users need to add their own API Tokens in their My Account page. A new I Done This section will appear in their list of settings, with instructions on specifying the token.

Tokens can be found on the Account Settings page on I Done This. Simply copy and paste that token into the field on the My Account page to enable posting. The token can be removed to disable posting.

My Account Configuration