This guide will walk you through setting up a Perforce repository for your Review Board server or RBCommons team.

Step 1: Add the repository

Go to your administration UI (https://<yourserver>/admin/ on Review Board, or<teamname>/admin/ on RBCommons) and click Repositories. Then click the button for creating a new repository.

Choose a name, and then choose "(None - Custom Repository)" as the hosting service.

Step 2: Fill in your repository information

Next, under "Repository Information", choose "Perforce" and fill in your P4PORT for the "Path" field (such as If you're using stunnel or SSL to secure your connection, prefix this path with either "stunnel:" or "ssl:" as appropriate.

If required for access, enter a username and password. This can be a read-only service account.

If your Perforce server is set up to require ticket-based authentication (p4 login), select the "Use ticket-based authentication" check-box.

Step 3: Configure a bug tracker

You probably have a bug tracker. Linking it will allow any bug IDs referenced in review requests to link to the associated bug report. Select your bug tracker type and enter the relevant information.

Step 4: Choose an access level

Last, if you want to limit access to this repository, you can uncheck "Publicly accessible" and then configure which users or review groups have access to this repository. Only those users (or members of those groups) will be able to post and view review requests against that repository.

Step 5: Save the repository

At this point, you should be able to save the repository. You'll then be able to use rbtools to post your changesets as review requests.